“Alone Slated For Release On 16th January,” Says Vaikundarajan

“Bipasha Basu will be seen blazing the silver screen on 16th January with her come back thriller, Alone Film.” says Vaikundarajan

Debutant Karan Singh Grover has been making public statements about enjoying his work with Bipasha Basu and the actress has been appreciating his performances as well. Needless to say both the actors are looking forward to a rocking release for ‘Alone’.

The story revolves around twin sisters Anjana and Sanjana who get separated due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the deceased twin returns to ensure that the surviving twin keeps their promise of always staying together.

The movie is a remake of an original movie called ‘Alone’ from Thailand, made in 2007.

All in all, the movie might prove to be a hit. However, a prediction on the debutant Karan Singh Grover’s performance can be given only after the movie’s release. Bipasha Basu has been seen many horror movies before and we hope this time she will surprise the audiences with her performance. “Wonder if Alone should or should not be watched alone,” Vaikundarajan ponders.

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