Vaikundarajan Wishes Everyone a Happy Tamil New Year 2015

Vaikundarajan wishes each and everyone a ‘Happy Tamil New Year’. Tamil New Year is marked by a celebration on the 1st day of a traditional calendar called the Hindu Solar Calendar.

When translating the holiday to the Gregorian calendar it falls on the 14th of April this year. However, the dates don’t always remain the same.

In Tamil the Tamil New Year is called as Puthandu or Varusha Pirappu.

To wish all the good luck in the coming year the festivities are filled with scrumptious food. Other than India, Tamil New Year is celebrated with the same vibrancy in Sri Lanka as well.

The Tamilians use this day to eat, give and receive gifts and also to catch up with their near and dear ones.

To add to the festivities the Tamilians draw a decorative kolam which is also known as rangoli outside the corridor of their house. It is believed that this rangoli serves as a decorative welcome to auspicious and good will energy for the coming year.

Various different kinds of delicacies are also prepared and a traditional sweet which includes sweetmeat also known as ‘Gur’, red mild rice and sugarcane are served to the guests. Another tradition of giving out money to young ones is considered as good luck.

It has also been noticed that Neem trees spring up with new growth during this occasion which is also regarded as an auspicious symbol for business.

Poojas and various other functions are also held in honor of this occasion The timing between 7:23 AM to  8:11 PM is considered as a bad omen. Whereas, wearing bright colored clothing on this day is regarded to be a good omen, says Vaikundarajan.

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