Scion Of Ishvaku - An Exciting New Offering From Amish Tripathi Says Vaikundarajan
After the raging success of the Shiva trilogy written by Amish Tripathi, the author has made a comeback with another mythological books - ‘The Scion of Ishvaku’ and it is being accepted with great expectations says Vaikundarajan

Vaikundarajan believes that Hindu or Indian mythology are soon going to lose their standing as texts of importance and may be reduced to the status of folk and lore.

However, there is an author who is determined to not let this happen. Amish Tripathi of the Shiva trilogy fame has now adapted the story of Ram to modern settings and dilemmas.

The first book in the Rama series is out now and titled ‘Scion of Ishvaku’. He has been giving extensive interviews in relation to the release of the book says Vaikundarajan.

Before Amish Tripathi, Ashok Banker and Devdutt Pattanaik are two other authors who can be given the credit of resurfacing the knowledge of the Vedas and Indian mythology.

When asked if he was planning to change his genre he was quick to say that he doubts he will got over mythology anytime soon.

Vaikundarajan says that the author has also expressed his disappointment about the fact that Greek and other mythology has been reduced to stories and nothing more.

Amish believes that these texts are applicable and offer extensive symbolism for enriching logic and understanding. Vaikundarajan is in agreement of the author’s views.

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