Vaikundarajan And His Friend Rahul React To Rani Mukherjee Getting Hitched To Aditya Chopra

Rani Mukherjee
As I was walking down the 21 Greams lane in Chennai in the late evening yesterday, I met this old school friend Rahul. Rahul and I were big fans of Rani Mukherjee and we watched every movie of hers together, be it Chalte Chalte, or Nayak.

With so much workload and family issues I hardly ever have time to read bollywood news. Thanks to my friend Rahul, I realized that Rani Mukherjee got married.

Here is the conversation I had with Rahul:-

Rahul: Hey Vaikundarajan. Did you hear the latest Bollywood Buzz?

Vaikundarajan (surprised): No, what is it?

Rahul (Excited): Ms. Mukherjee finally becomes Mrs. Chopra. So many years they kept it under wraps and finally the cat is out of the bag.

Vaikundarajan (Confused): Who? What are you talking about?

Rahul: Arey, I am talking about Rani Mukherjee who got married to Aditya Chopra in Italy today.

Vaikundarajan (Pleasantly shocked): Ohhh… is it?! Finally! Phew! The rumor mills were abuzz with so many stories around their relationship since forever. The curiosity finally ends with their marriage.

Rahul (Almost jumping in his seat): Dude, they were slated to marry in Umaid Bhavan in Udaipur but they got married in Italy finally. What a life these people have! Stay in a relationship for so many years, avoid any media queries and finally make an ‘Announcement’ that they are now man and wife.

Vaikundarajan (Laughing): For me it is like DDLJ, Rahul ko apni Simran mil gayi :p So yes, Aditya ko apni Rani mil gayi!

Rahul (Laughing loudly): hahahahaha. That is true. I think DDLJ was Aditya Chopra’s biggest hit which is still running at Marathi Mandir in Mumbai. Just in this case there is no Amrish Puri who made the dialogue ‘Jaa beta Jee Le Apni Zindagi… Iss ladke Se Zyqaada Tujhe Aur Koi Pyaar nahi Kar Sakta…’ famous for all relationships that had parental opposition.

Vaikundarajan: Lolzz… well said brother!

Significance Of Good Friday by S. Vaikundarajan

Good Friday
Good Friday is not considered as a day of celebration rather it is a day to mourn Jesus Christ’s death. Christ was crucified on this day. On Good Friday, Christians across the world offer prayers and read out Good Friday sermons in the churches today. Around the world, Good Friday is also known by other names like Easter Friday, Great Friday, etc.

Good Friday falls in the Holy Week on the Friday before the Easter Sunday. People remembering and mourn the death of Christ and the agony and pain he went though before he died. At the churches, the candles are put out and statues are covered in black to express grief.

In India, offices, schools, and remain closed on the occasion of this religious holiday. Christians mark the significance of the day by sending Good Friday wishes to their friends and dear ones. Sending messages has become a great way to send wishes to your friends and family on this day.

Good Friday is declared as a holiday in parts of the world where Christians have a wide presence. It is commemorated in different ways across the world but its significance remains the same. 

I, S. Vaikundarajan wish all country men a Happy Good Friday.

Summer Beverages you Shouldn't Miss out this Season

Summers in India can be scorching and difficult to deal with. But there are cool ways to beat the heat. Here’s a list of cool beverages that will quench your thirst and help you beat the heat. 

  1. Aam Panna – This is one of the most popular drinks in north India. This raw mango drink, spiced with black salt, sugar and mint, protects you from the blazing effects of the summer wind, a.k.a ‘loo’.

  2. Lemonade – Lemonade or Nimbu Pani is perhaps the king of all the Indian beverages. This water based lemon juice which is flavored with sugar and salt is the great thirst quencher. 

  3. Buttermilk – Also known as chaas in India, buttermilk goes well with almost any kind of meals. It spiced with roast cumin powder, chilly powder, coriander and mint leaves. It’s a great appetizer.

  4. Jaljeera – This drink can be best described as tangier version of the lemonade. The drink is infused with various spices to make it more spicy and tangy.

  5. Mango Lassi – summer brings mangoes and mangoes bring mango lassi. It is basically regular lassi mixed with sweet mango pulp. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vegetarian Food

Don’t you always have an argument with your vegetarian friends about why non-vegetarian food is better and vice versa? Let’s try and find out who the winner is, or is there a winner or not. 
Many believe that vegetarian food holds high nutritional value, perhaps even more than non-vegetarian diet. In fact, some quality proteins can only be found in animal products such as meat, fish, eggs, chicken etc. Hence, if you’re a vegetarian, there will always be protein deficiency in your diet. Also, one can suffer from vitamin D and iron deficiency because it cannot be found in abundance in the plant kingdom. Red meat is a great source of iron. If you don’t consume milk too, then you’re losing out on a great source of calcium. 

However, there are great benefits of eating vegetarian food too. Firstly, it is extremely easy to digest as compare to non-vegetarian food. It also helps in detoxifying the body. It is fiber rich so there are less chances of developing diseases like high cholesterol, hypertension and stroke, diabetes, etc. Vegetarian food also brings in lower intake of toxic in the body. 

So, if you are a not-too-religious vegetarian and don’t mind consuming non vegetarian food then it’s best to have a mix of both in your diet so that you get all the nutrients required for a healthy functioning of the body.

The Weather is Changing

This is so typical; I have no clue if this happens to anyone else, but every time there’s a slight variation in the weather outside, my body starts reacting horribly to it. The summer has just set in, it’s blazing hot outside, yet I have this terrible cold and flu. Weather alone cannot be responsible for your flu, your body is accustomed to a certain temperature and when it the weather changes the body is forced to readapt.  Hence, you need to be careful so as to what you eat, drink and even wear.

So, I did some research and found out how to remain safe from the effects of weather change. So if you experience any flu like symptoms when the weather turns, you can follow these tips:

1. Proper Nutrition

You need to make sure you eat proper nutritious diet so that the body has enough energy reserves and the immune system is strong and to make sure there is no chance for the body to be susceptible to any viral infections. Getting sufficient Vitamin C is essential for warding off colds.

2. Exercise

In order to keep your body active and energized you need to exercise daily, which will stimulate the blood flow of the body and help in keeping the immune system strong. It lowers stress levels.

3. Hygiene

Hygiene is to make sure that you do not contract any contagious germs. Washing your hands often, using a sanitizer will help.

Just keep these three things in mind and hopefully  you will not fall ill the next season.