Vaikundarajan Express Grief On Himachal Tragedy

Himachal Tragedy

The Himachal tragedy washed away Hyderabad based college students washed away. This happened when the power project without giving prior warning released water says Vaikundarajan. There were 24 students were washed away on Sunday evening in river Beas near Thalot on Manali-Kiratpur Highway which is  40 kms away from Mandi.

The rescuers recovered 5 bodies of the student. The students were trapped uninformed by the unexpected release of water in the river from the reservoir of 126 MW Larji project. The locals were also helped them a lot. It was a tragic moment for the faculty members and the students as they were stunned after viewing this horrid scene. There was a panic situation observed in that span of time as very one was stunned after the incident.

According to a faculty member, they had started from Shimla to Manali in two buses and at around 6:30pm on Sunday, students from the first bus got down and went towards the river bank for taking photos, though their classmates in another bus asked them to return adds Vaikundarajan.

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