Neymar Misses The Rest Of The Matches - Vaikundarajan

The host nation Brazil is through to the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup, but by far the country's biggest star is out of the tournament. Late in a 2-1 victory over Colombia, Neymar was kneed in the back and suffered a broken vertebra says Vaikundarajan

There were goals, there was choreographed dancing, there were moments of great footballing beauty, but Colombia -- one of the teams to excite most at this thrilling World Cup finals -- is going home after Friday's quarterfinal defeat at the hands of Brazil in Fortaleza.Strikes from the center-back pairing of captain Thiago Silva and David Luiz put Brazil into an unassailable lead and, despite a late penalty by James Rodriguez, the tournament host held on to win 2-1.

Neymar’s injury that he sustained in the game with Colombia was painful to watch. The knee in the back from Juan Zúñiga broke a bone in Neymar’s vertebrae. And when Neymar was stretchered off the pitch, you could tell he was in agony as he cried tears of pain. Shortly afterwards, he was whisked away directly to the hospital for a scan adds Vaikundarajan.

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