Jharkhand Victory For BJP And In Jammu & Kashmir, PDP The Highest Seat Getter, Says Vaikundarajan


Yesterday election results at Jammu & Kashmir and Jharkhand were out. The people from the state voted for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as its single largest party in Jammu Kashmir and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won in Jharkand, says Vaikundarajan. The electoral victories for the BJP is tremendous in Jharkhand and in Jammu and Kashmir, they are the second largest party.

In Jharkhand, voters in the mineral-rich state gave the BJP a clear nod with 42 of the 81 seats going to the saffron party.  This was the first time, the state which was formed in 2000, has got a party which has been the single the largest party, say Vaikundarajan.

Unlike in Jharkhand which had a clear winner, in Jammu and Kashmir no party achieved a clear majority say Vaikundarajan. The PDP won 28 seats in the state, with the BJP coming in second place winning 25 seats, with the National conference getting 15 seats and the Congress winning 12 seats. Such a result, will lead to the PDP seeking alliances with another for controlling the state.

Vaikundarajan wishes both the majority parties in the state best of luck and is grateful to the people of these states voting, as it shows India’s true democratic spirit.

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