Friendship Day Is A Celebration Of Your Friendship: Vaikundarajan

Friendship Day
Friendship Day is celebrated each year on the first Sunday of every August. This trend started from the Western countries and now it is widely celebrated all over the world including India says Vaikundarajan. This popular culture of celebrating friendship was initially created by the greeting card industry to foster the sales of their greeting cards but now it is celebrated mostly by exchanging friendship bands and gifts among friends. Vaikundarajan feels that this day holds great importance in the lives of the youngsters because they really believe in all this.

However, Vaikundarajan believes that there can not only be one day to celebrate friendship and he also follows the saying that goes, “a friend in need is a friend indeed” and he says that we cannot restrict celebrating our friendship to one day. Friends have a very special place in all our lives and they are the ones to be with us all through thick and thin. Such friends should be made felt special always and not only one particular day feels Vaikundarajan. Therefore, it is important to make your friends realize how important they are to you each day adds, Vaikundarajan.

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