Vaikundarajn Sympathizes With Odisha Flood Victims

Odisha Foold
Heavy rain over the past one week has caused floods in Odisha affecting the lives of nearly a million people and killing around 27. Close to 398 villages have been deserted and many people injured out of which quite a few have also been evacuated shares Vaikundarajan. This natural calamity has been on a large scale causing death and damage of lives and property massively. However, rescue operations are being carried out to save the lives of the people who are stranded in places due to the heavy floods. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has also has ordered immediate steps to be taken for minimizing damages and losses from floods adds Vaikundarajan.

There are 11 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams and also 30 Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force (ODRAF) teams that have been set out for the rescue operations to Odisha. Choppers have also been kept on stand-by for air dropping and rescue operations by the defense ministry adds Vaikundarajan.  Vaikundarajan sympathizes with all the flood victims who have lost their family members and valuables in this flood and wishes for their speedy recovery.  Proper medical help should also be provided to the victims feels Vaikundarajan as there are chances of epidemic outbreaks also after a flood.

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