Vaikundarajan Feels Alcohol Ban In Kerala Might Bring In A Good Change

Kerala Alcohol Free State
Kerala, India’s tropical tourist heaven is to phase out the sale of alcohol as the government authorities plan to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol to deal with the state’s drinking problem shares Vaikundarajan. The authorities proposed to make Kerala Alcohol Free State in the next 10 years. The first phase of the ban would see more than 700 bars and as well as some shops selling alcohol shut down adds, Vaikundarajan. However, Kerala has India's highest per capita alcohol consumption at more than eight litres per person yearly and contributes largely to the economy in terms of excise duty says, Vaikundarajan.

The government is also going to restrict the sale of alcohol to five star hotels making Kerala one of the six Indian dry states alongside Gujarat, Mahatma Gandhi’s home state says, Vaikundarajan. This decision was appreciated by many Gandhian followers but at the same time it was criticized by many as this would lead to a sharp fall in the tourist numbers visiting Kerala. Vaikundarajan feels that alcoholism brings about a lot of atrocities like violence on women and gives rise to anti-social elements in the state as well. Therefore, if such a ban can bring about a positive change in the society then it should be welcomed by all.

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