All Set To Become A Fresh New Sunshine Of India Says S.Vaikundarajan

Soon India will begin to write a new chapter in the books of Indian history. “Narendra Modi is all set to become the Sunshine of India” says S.Vaikundarajan expressing his hopes for the new PM.  On 21st May, 2014 Narendra Modi resigned as the Chief Minister of Gujarat to start his work as the Prime Minister of India. Anandiben Patel would be the successor to his as Gujarat’s first woman CM. there was a special session conducted for Mr. Modi where all the Gujarat assembly members spoke about him. Showing his politeness he said "People are curious about the Gujarat model. Bipartisanship is the Gujarat model," he said and later being emotional he added, “The world is praising me. But being praised here has its own charm”.

Ms. Patel gets emotional and wishes all the luck to the leader, to whom she has been a great support.  While doing so she gets very emotional and has teras in her eyes which were a mix of happiness and sadness. She is happy, because of the victory the team attained and sad because her fellow leaders are going Delhi. But one point that satisfies her is that Mr. Modi is going to Delhi to wipe of tears of millions of people and bring about a change. So under the leadership of Narendra Modi India will experience a fresh new breeze of hope, great change and shining India.

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