Narendra Modi Was Clear With His Thoughts On Pakistan Say Vaikundarajan

Narendra Modi

Politics in India has tremendously heated up since couple months and gaining huge momentum which has engaged the people to participate in the discussion about who is going to take the charge for the nation. The candidates for the prime minster post are openly talking about their goals and objectives which they have set for the general public.

The conversation happened between Modi and Arnab gave a clear picture about the aims and has tlked in detail about the On Pakistan, Narendra Modi been extremely clear. He has given an on-record statement that there shall be no talks if terror continues rather steps will be taken in return . In the past, there was talk that he was taking a middle path and could have been softening his stand. However, in his interview with Arnab Gosawami, he was extremely clear about his stand.

As said, it was an on-record statement and this on this sensitive subject matter according to him will be a significant departure from the UPA's stand on Pakistan. Adding to this Vaikundarajan says that Modi has planned and dreaming a great future for the country and his speeches are highly convincing which had led to the huge following across the nation.

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