Never Hide the Love for Your Mother - S. Vaikundarajan

Being a mother is the most difficult task in this world, but still our mothers do a commendable job. “They are very special, so never hide the Love for your mother. Make them feel special and celebrate Motherhood everyday”, says S Vaikundarajan, expressing his emotions and love for his mother. But the question that arises is what do we do to make our mothers feel special? To tell them how much we love them? For every mother her child is the best gift in the world.

So whatever we do or say would make her the happiest person on planet earth, even if it is saying “I love you mom”. Mothers give less importance to materialistic things. She won’t experience complete happiness in getting a lipstick or a chain pendent as much as she’ll get on receiving a handmade card or a cup of tea made by her children. For her it’s always about feelings and emotions. When such small things are done for her, she has this huge smile on her face making her feel special. The tears in her eyes tells us how touched she is and gives her the feeling of the world’s best mother. If such small activities make her so happy, we can do the same every day before leaving for work expressing our love for her and giving her reason to start her day with a smile.

Vaikundarajan wishes every mother a beautiful Mothers Day.

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