It’s All About Having A Brighter India

Lok Sabha Elections

S. Vaikundarajan’s view on 2014 lok Sabha elections in South India.

India is a country of the people, for the people and by the people. Every individual has been given the right to speech, to question and the right to education. All these rights help India to become better everyday. “Education has played a very important role in building a brighter India” says S. Vaikundarajan, sharing his views on the general elections held in south India. In the current elections, South India has the highest number of candidates contesting. Among the candidates contesting, there are even young candidates around 26 years. This shows the enthusiasm to make a difference and, that, India is moving slowly for a better tomorrow.

Also for the people of south India education is of prime importance. The south Indian states have the highest number of literate people. This helps them in being updated, understand the current happenings around them, take practical decisions and also voice their opinions. They are aware about the contestant’s profile which helps them to take a rational decision in choosing their leaders. All these factors play a very important role in deciding the future of India.

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